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Using the latest digital color CCD sensor and wide-angle optics, VetVu's Video Gastroscope is a high-quality imaging device that will help you solve your patients' health problems. Due to input from veterinary practitioners, this endoscope's versatile design and availability in 1.5M or 3M lengths meet a wide range of endoscopic needs. It is available in PAL or NTSC and with an Olympus or ACMI adapter.

  • High-resolution optics and video chip
  • Ergonomically-positioned automatic air, water and suction valves for convenient one-hand use
  • 2.8 mm biopsy/suction channel makes for easy instrument passage and suctioning functionality; and has a unique clean-out port for total channel access and thorough cleaning and disinfecting
  • Available with a flat-panel monitor
  • Backed by the VetVu one-year warranty

    These instruments have been useful in

    • evaluating respiratory problems
    • evaluating upper and lower GI and reproductive tracts
    • evaluating and treating equine ulcers
    • detecting bleeding sites and ulcers
    • monitoring medication therapy
    • locating obstructions and parasites
    • removing foreign bodies

Working Length 150/300cm
Shaft Diameter 10.5mm
Distal End Diameter 10.5mm
Channel Size 2.8mm
End Tip Deflection 160° up / 160° down / 140° right / 140° left
Field of View 125°
Depth of Field 15 - 80mm
Resolution PAL or NTSC
Automatic Air Insufflation
Irrigation/Lens-Cleaning Automatic or Manual
Light Connection Olympus/ACMI
Immersible, Except Umbilical
VetVu One Year Warranty, Parts and Workmanship, included
Extended warranty for 1 aditional year available

Your basic Video Gastroscope System purchase includes:

Video Gastroscope
Video Processor
Metal Halide or Halogen Illuminator
Flat-Panel Monitor
Cleaning Accessories and Brushes
Syringe and Irrigation Tubing
Water Bottle Assembly
Leak Tester

These options are additional:

Photosmart Printer
Olympus Connection
Biopsy Forceps
Retrieval Basket

To purchase, contact VetVu directly or call Butler Schein at 888-691-2724 today. See related instruments, brushes and adapters.

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