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How to Clean an Endoscope

For step by step care and maintenance of your endoscopes, please choose to view this video (in 2 parts):

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Approved Disinfecting Solutions

The materials, below, are considered safe to use on VetVu endoscopes if used according to manufacturer's instructions for disinfection.; These solutions are very aggressive, and failure to follow the disinfection cycles precisely including complete cleaning and rinsing, may result in lens pitting or adhesive degradation over time.

VetVu is not responsible for damage when solutions other than these are used.

VetVu makes no claims regarding the effectiveness of cold disinfecting solutions; please check with the manufacturer for details. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for disinfection only.

Refer to the instrument instruction manual for proper cleaning, disinfecting and sterilization procedures.

Please contact these manufacturers directly for purchase or MSDS sheets. VetVu does not stock or sell these products. We do not promote or endorse any particular product.

Wescodyne (brand of Iodophor)
Steris, 5960 Heisley Road, Mentor, OH 44060 (800) 548-4873

Banicide (EPA 15136-39269) (brand of Glutaraldehyde)
Pascal Co, Inc, PO Box 1478, Bellevue, WA 98009 (425) 827-4694

Wavicide 01 (EPA 15136-NJ1)
Tiger Medical, PO BOX 597, 8B Industrial Way, Amesbury, MA 01913 (508) 388-6690

Wavicide 01 (EPA15136-NJ1)
Owen's & Minor, 135 Constitution Blvd, Franklin, MA 02038 (508) 520-2000

Cidex (EPA 70781) (Not Cidex 7 or Cidex Plus)
Johnson & Johnson, PO Box 130 Arlington TX 76010 (817) 465-3141

Schulke & Mayr GMBH Heidergstraise 100 D-22846 Norderstedt Germany +49-40-52100-0

Zorbicide-06 and Control III

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