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VFS-5 and VFS-5A

Looking for versatility and long-term value? Consider Vetvu's VFS-5 9.9mm flexible endoscopes. Designed in conjunction with several veterinary practitioners, these scopes were built to meet a wide range of endoscopy needs.

The VFS-5 series endoscopes can be used for examinations of small and medium cats, dogs, foals, horses, some exotic animals and reptiles.

These endoscopes feature a flexible, high-resolution optical fiber bundle. The VFS-5s are easy to manipulate with one hand because of the ergonomically-placed automatic air, water and suction valves. 4-way articulation gives you full tip maneuverability. A large, 2.8mm suction/biopsy channel provides easy instrument passage and suction capability. And the VFS-5 has a unique clean-out port that gives you total channel access for thorough cleaning and disinfecting. The VFS-5 is available in two flexible lengths: 125cm and 200cm. The VFS-5 is backed by the VetVu one-year warranty.

Working Length 125cm (the VFS-5A has a 200cm length)
Shaft Diameter 9.9mm
Channel Size 2.8mm channel
End Tip Deflection 180° up / 180° down / 170° right / 170° left
Inside Bend Radius 3.8cm
Field of View 100°
Depth of Field 10 - 70mm
Eyepiece Magnification 25x
Photo Capability Automatic or Manual
Automatic Air Insufflation
VetVu One Year Warranty, Parts and Workmanship, included
Extended warranty for 1 aditional year available

Your purchase includes these accessories:

Molded Eyecup
Cleaning Accessories and Brush
Lightguide Adapter
Water Bottle Assembly
Replacement Valve Cap
30cc Syringe
Irrigation Tubing
Carrying Case

To purchase, contact VetVu directly or call Butler Schein at 888-691-2724 today. See related instruments, brushes and adapters.

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