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Designed specifically for procedures in the field, the VetVu FR-5 features high resolution optics and a small diameter flexible shaft that increases versatility and minimizes trauma. The FR-5 is backed by the VetVu one-year warranty.

Working Length 50cm
Shaft Diameter 1.67mm
Channel Size NA
End Tip Deflection NA
Inside Bend Radius 3.8cm
Field of View 95° minimum (air)
Depth of Field 5 - 70mm
Eyepiece Magnification 30x
Small Animal Endoscopic Procedures Rhinoscopy, Cystoscopy,
some Bronchoscopy
Fiber Quantity 10,000
VetVu One Year Warranty, Parts and Workmanship, included
Extended warranty for 1 aditional year available

Ideally packaged for field work, your purchase includes:

Battery-operated handle assembly, eliminating the need for electrical outlets or power cords that can tangle
Carrying Case

To purchase, contact VetVu directly or call Butler Schein at 888-691-2724 today. See related instruments, brushes and adapters.

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